DIY Paper Wheel Knife & Tool Sharpening Systems Wheel Kits Fit Multiple Bench Grinders Sharpening Wheel and Polishing Wheel Included Complete Blade Sharpening Kit

  • $93.99

Paper Wheel Sharpening System 

  • DIY PAPER WHEEL SHARPENING SYSTEM FOR KNIVES, CHISELS, MICROPLANES & VARIOUS BLADES | The DIY Sharpening Wheel & Polishing Wheel will fit many different 6 in. and 8 in. Bench and Pedestal Grinders. 6 in. & 8 in. Kits available. READ MORE ABOUT SIZING YOUR WHEELS HERE. The universal arbor insert allows the sharpening and polishing wheel to run on 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Arbors

  • RAZOR SHARP KNIVES IN LESS THAN A MINUTE | Don’t just get your blades sharp, Get them SCARY SHARP! One of the fastest ways to get your knife sharp. This complete sharpening takes your knives from blunt, dull and dangerous and makes the edge like new again. Leaving a finely polished, professional looking edge. Few systems can sharpen a knife from start to finish with this quality.

  • QUIT CHANGING BELTS AND GET TO SHARPENING | This simple two step sharpening system turns your dusty old bench grinder into a real Knife sharpening machine. The Gritted Paper Sharpening Wheel uses 120 grit silicon carbide abrasive grain to grind a new edge and create a burr. This is the first crucial step in sharpening. The Paper Polishing Wheel is used to remove the burr and leaves a near mirror finish for a professional sharpening result.

  • 1 Gritted Sharpening Wheel
  • 1 Slotted Polishing Wheel
  • 1 Bar Beeswax Lubricant
  • 1 Bar White Diamond Buffing Compound
  • 1 Jar Loose 120 Grit Silicon Carbide Grit material

    DIY Knife Sharpening Systems are uniquely designed to turn almost any Bench or Pedestal Grinder into a serious Knife & Tool Sharpening Machine. Paper Wheels for sharpening knives have been a staple in many shops, garages and even kitchens. DIY Sharpening Wheels are one the most economical sharpening solutions available today. You can extend the life of the gritted wheel by re-gritting when the abrasive has worn off from sharpening. A Gritted Paper Wheel can be re-gritted as many as 10 times before needing to be replaced.